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Impressive Solutions was formed in 1995, after the completion of the highly successful implementation of the print on demand system for Unisys Corporation at their Plymouth Michigan facility. Upon completion, this system was capable of producing in excess of one million black and white pages per day, with zero inventory, and where 60% of the copy count was for a quantity of one!

The successful implementation of this system permitted the reduction of inventory from $33 million to near zero, and the elimination of warehouse space. This solution was awarded the innovator of the Year award at the 1995 On Demand show. Impressive Solutions staff have also provided internal training to multi national print vendors personnel on the utilization of high speed digital printers in print on demand, and have been invited to speak at many printing conferences world wide on the subject of production level print on demand. Our experience in the print on demand industry is second to none!

With this experience the staff at Impressive Solutions created a completely new product solution called DocXpress. This solution encapsulates all of the concepts for successful print on demand and now includes a complete print shop management system for all types of printing. See the Product pages here for more information.