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Solution #105

Surgical Equipment Manufacturer (Albuquerque)

On demand system printing instruction booklets for product shipments

The booklets produced at this digital
production center are manufactured in
one of three sizes, 6.25 x 4.25, 5.5 x 4.25
and 8.5 x 5.5. These booklets are made
on demand on the digital printer and
through the attached booklet maker.
Barcodes are automatically added to the
booklets indicating the production lot
number. This lot number is linked back
to the DocXpress system and can
provide detailed manufacturing
information on lot numbers for paper,
toner and fuser raw materials. This
information is gathered during
production and job statusing via bar code
tracking systems.

New production documents are added to
the DocXpress system automatically.
The new files are FTPd to the
Albuquerque site, detected and
processed automatically by a DocXpress
AutoDetect module. During this
processing the new files are verified
using a proprietary check digit
verification process. In fact this check
digit process is used every time the
document is printed, to ensure with
100% accuracy that the files have not
been altered in any way. The PDF files
are thus imported into the system and a
proof printer order is created. 


Only after printing the proof and verifying the
output is the part made manufacturing
ready and available for production.
Production at this site is triggered by an
order for a document placed via a
DocXpress web order entry module. The
shop floor personnel order the
documents via a web page, using
Kanban techniques.

The order shows up
immediately on the DocXpress open
order page for the print shop operators to
process, and release to a production
printer.There is an option for the print
production staff to select an optional
booklet-maker, which is not “in-line” on
the printer. Choosing this option causes
the DocXpress AutoScheduler module to
impose the individual pages into a
different layout to support the external
device, and output to the stacker not the
“in-line” booklet maker.