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Federal Government Installation (Indiana)


This site produces paper forms for delivery to the public and other Federal Government sites.

The forms themselves are stored as PDF files within the DocXpress repository.

Authored PDF Submission

Authors create these forms then transfer the files with an additional text file to the server in Bloomington. These files are then imported automatically by a DocXpress AutoDetect module and added to the DocXpress system repository. In addition proof print orders for these new documents are added to DocXpress and are subsequently released for print in batches of up to 100. A status report is also printed to advise production staff of the arrival of new documents.

Customer Order Submission

The customer orders for these forms are taken throughout the wrold  by phone, in writing, fax and web, and consolidated into a mainframe legacy system. A file containing these orders is then transferred electronically overnight to Bloomington

 where the file is automatically detected and the order data added to the DocXpress system by a DocXpress AutoDetect module.

As this is an overnight process all of the orders and print jobs are set up on the system when the staff arrives in the morning. They can then release the jobs (all jobs at once) to the printers.

Print Consolidation

DocXpress then creates each customers order by automatically creating a front page containing the customers name, address and PostNet code, on the back of which the system creates the shipping manifest listing the items ordered and printed. DocXpress then electronically collates the forms ordered by a customer to these first pages, creating one complete print job, which is then forwarded to the appropriate digital printer.